Bayview Golf & country club

Client Profile and Case Study


McKinley works with Bayview Golf and Country Club at two distinct levels.

First, McKinley provides leadership training for all mid-managers and senior leadership.

Each spring, all senior team members participate in 2 – 3 professional development sessions with themes such as accountability, ownership, communications and leadership.

Each session is followed up with one of McKinley Signature Program’s, “Learning Loop.” Learning Loops are 15 – 20 minute application assignments that all participants do on-the-job.

Learning loops help increase participants’ ability to apply their learnings and change habits by over 80%, as compared to less than 10% in traditional classroom style training.

Second, McKinley provides governance training for all committee members and board members.

All new board members are required to participate in Governance 101 and on an annual basis, all board members are required to participate In Governance 201.

McKinley has received positive feedback from board members, committee members, and staff.

  • “I feel so much better about my role as a board member.”
  • “After 7 years on the board, I now understand my role”
  • “We are all using the same language when it comes to the proper leadership of the club”
  • “The clarity of roles and the difference between governance (board) and operations (senior staff).

Governance training is now standard operating procedure at the club.

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