Client Profile and Case Study


McKinley has worked with EUCAN (the distributors of Cube Bicycles) since they acquired the North American rights in 2015.

Mark serves as the executive coach to the ownership group and he works closely with the CEO.

EUCAN has developed a uniquely flat organization that integrates full time staff, suppliers, partners and clients.

Over our tenure together McKinley has facilitated multiple initiatives to support this unique structure.

Some of the projects have included the communication and accountabilities reporting processes, serving as chief people officer, leading corporate retreats, recruitment and selection process, and coaching all parties on standard operating procedures for EUCAN.

Like many of McKinley’s other projects, EUCAN has embraced the use of psychometric assessment on all staff, contractors and suppliers to help provide better insight on the most effective ways to work together.

McKinley has been successful in continuing to support EUCAN in an ever changing landscape, through close and deep understanding of the industry, the ability to pull ideas, innovations and thinking from best practices and dedication to supporting the client at all levels.

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