What We Do

Performance-based Solutions

Human Resources & Organizational Consulting

McKinley has the resources and team to serve all your human resources needs. We bring a practical hands-on approach with the design, development, and execution of solutions geared at organizational improvement.

McKinley works with operational leaders that may not have access to a human resources department or the department they do have is small.

One of McKinley’s specialities is working with senior operational leaders on the ensuring they are facilitating the human resources process to build and foster a modern organizational culture.

McKinley has a proven track record in the following areas:

Organizational Structure
Management Accountabilities & Expectations
Performance Management & Evaluation
General Human Resource Programs
Recruitment, Selection and Termination Practices and Processes
Training and Development Practices (Technical, Mandated, People)
External Environmental Factors
Corporate Culture Inventory

Business Sport Services

McKinley Solutions is a national leader in the business leadership side of sports. We have worked at all levels from National, to Provincial and Community-based organizations.

Blending sport system knowledge and 20 years of corporate leadership development, McKinley has unique expertise that has created a service offering that is unmatched.

From a comprehensive search process for sports executive and technical leaders to designing organizational structures to meet the needs of the modern sports organizations demands, McKinley leads the way in work with sports organizations to find, develop and support modern leaders through dedication and proven processes.

Executive Coaching

Leadership Coaching is a developmental process where a leader gets tailored help from a coach to help them achieve a goal and become a more effective leader.

Our coaches work with a coachee one-on-one to establish and achieve specific objectives or goals, and then helps them arrive at the best possible solution.

Coaching’s essence lies on listening, clarifying objectives, and holding the coachee accountable for taking action. A few things that you can expect from coaching:

Provide objective assessment & observations that foster your self-awareness & awareness of others’ perspectives
Listen actively to fully understand you & your broader circumstances
Act as a sounding board in exploring possibilities
Champion opportunities & potential
Encouraging stretch & challenge assignments
Foster shifts in thinking that reveal fresh perspectives
Challenge blind spots to illuminate new possibilities
Work with you holistically, while keeping the full picture in view

Training & Development

McKinley Solutions is a nationally recognized training a development company primarily focused on leadership and team development.

McKinley does not deliver off the shelf solutions, we tailor each solution to meet the needs and wants of the client.

Using its’ signature “needs analysis process”, McKinley is able to make evidence informed design choices to help clients solve their challenges.

McKinley facilitators come from a varied background and some of the most passionate practitioners in the game.

Combining learning theory, experiential education, ongoing comprehensive literature research with science provides for sustainable solutions with impact.